Connect to the Boston pulse! Detect the murmurings of change. Plug into Boston. We can set up conversations for you that will help you look at things differently.

No one knows the future, but it helps to have a finger on the pulse. Get out of your silo and expose yourself to different thinking. Boston is a great place to do this. There are experts and innovators in technology, policy, business startups, finance, strategy, IT, and anything else that you think might be relevant.

Boston is an academic hub, it has both large companies and a vibrant startup community, and it is a strong financial center. It is a living and breathing ecosystem where people from lots of different walks of life depend upon and compete with each other. We talk to them all.

Muninsight will get you connected!

Contact: Anne-Lise Wang; Arne Hessenbruch;

Sample testimony: Tore Harritshøj (CEO of E.On Denmark): Our trip to Boston was inspiring on many levels and we are now working to implement this into our existing business.