A Danish investment fund was looking for opportunities in the USA

We identified a couple of opportunities and did preliminary due diligence

A host of European companies were looking for access to Boston-based venture capital

We provided a platform for that through the co-organization of Boston Cleantech Venture Day in 2009 and 2010

A home energy management company was looking for expansion capital

We facilitated access to motivated and relevant venture capital firms

A German testing company of wind turbines was looking for a North American location

We identified potential sites and clarified the intricacies of local politics in New England and Iowa

A manufacturer of biofuel ovens was looking for new customers

We evaluated the financing options of potential customers

A manufacturer of hardware for distribution utilities needs to understand its potential US customers

We explained the drivers and inhibitors in the minds of their prospective customers and established contacts to utilities in the Northeast of the US

A large company in a mature building energy efficiency market is exploring new business models and innovation

We examined out-of-the-box options and new perspectives on the essence of their business

A spin-off from a multinational needed to find markets for a novel kind of material

We evaluated their many options with a view to business strategy and presented them with concrete ways forward

A Northern-European company in the water management business needs to find appropriate acquisition targets in the USA

We did due diligence and introduced the company to a Boston-based investment bank


In a world of many moving parts, Muninsight can help you identify what is important and simplify decisions.

The global nature of products and services in the energy industry gives companies a significant challenge. You know what you know, but with innovation happening on all continents, keeping abreast of emerging technologies, business and product ideas, on top of adapting to shifting value chains is a monumental task for any one company.


At the same time, if you access the many resources available, the global market is also a tremendous opportunity for growth. This is where Muninsight can support you. We have deep insight into the process of innovating into the value chain, and a profoundly international outlook. In addition, we are based in Boston, one of the premier global innovation hubs.