Muninsight prompts new thinking for companies to grow and transform their businesses.

We do this by facilitating diverse conversations with people in Boston who have a relevant point of view but are not necessarily in your business. The point? You will expose yourself to different thinking, and thereby examine your business challenges with fresh eyes.

Contact: Anne-Lise Wang; Arne Hessenbruch;

Muninsight has a deep network in Boston. Boston has experts and innovators in technology, business startups, finance, strategy, IT, and policy. Boston is an academic hub, it has both large companies and a vibrant startup community, and it is a strong financial center. It is a large living and breathing ecosystem where people from lots of different walks of life depend upon and compete with each other. We talk to them all.

Our strength is, by carefully listening to our clients, to find relevant and diverse discussion partners for conversations that surprise, delight, and stimulate.

We don't advise, because you know your problems better than we do. Instead, we help you reassess, reframe, and think afresh.

We develop a day program in the Greater Boston area for 1-4 days, and take the participants through a program with 2-5 meetings and/or panel discussions.

We have helped clients with business model transformation and digitalization, blockchain, AI, and energy.

Sample testimonials:

Tore Harritshøj (CEO of E.On Denmark): Our trip to Boston was inspiring on many levels and we are now working to implement this into our existing business.

Mikael Bay Hansen, Sekretariatschef, Dansk Metal: Muninsight åbnede døre for os til relevante virksomheder i Boston området, og samtidig fandt de centrale videnspersoner fra innovationsmiljøet til at indgå i dialogorienterede drøftelser med os. Indholdet af programmet var perfekt, og Anne-Lise Wang og Arne Hessenbruch var gode til løbende at perspektivere vores spørgsmål og kommentarer. Vi kan klart anbefale Muninsight til enhver seriøs organisation eller virksomhed, der vil hente nye ideer og udfordre det kendte perspektiv.

Steen Liebmann, Ejer af Liebmann & Partnere og Formand for VL 99: Vi fik en fornemmelse af, hvor vores virksomheder står i dag, med input til hvordan fremtiden kunne forme sig, og hvilke spørgsmål vi bør stille i vores organisationer. Muninsight programmet førte os til spændende virksomhedsbesøg og stimulerende samtaler med stakeholders i Bostons boblende innovationsøkosystem. Ideelt til VL-grupper!

Contact: Anne-Lise Wang; Arne Hessenbruch;